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Vakıf Katılım will bring qualified managers to the sector with its “My Talent” program

04 Ocak 2021

13 thousand candidates applied to My Talent Program realized by Vakıf Katılım in order to bring qualified managers to the sector.

Having brought together the sharing culture of foundations with public power and brought a breath of fresh air to participation finance world, Vakıf Katılım designed My Talent Program in its responsibility to bring qualified workforce to the sector. 13 thousand candidates applied to the program which aims to reach young and dynamic young people with innovative point of view and analytical competencies.

During the recruitment processes over the program to which newly graduate undergraduates are accepted, the candidates were provided with the opportunities to develop maximum digitalization and design development and detailed feedback was provided in all stages with an open and instant communication model.

“Digital solutions were developed due to pandemic conditions”

Stating that they realized My Talent program to reach the qualified human resource which comply with the dynamics of Vakıf Katılım and which will contribute to the development of not only Vakıf Katılım but also entire sector, Betül Yılmaz, the Deputy General Manager of Vakıf Katılım, continued her words:

“We have designed My Talent program get into touch with our young talents who appreciate the value of the success and achievement, focus on continuous learning and development, draw their strength from self-confidence and will to succeed. The candidates joining the program have gone through various selection and evaluation processes such as English Language, general aptitude tests, video interview, learning agility interview, assessment, presentation exercise, private personality inventory and top executive interviews etc. We intended to expand the self-awareness of our candidates by performing 360-degree evaluation in all stages. The candidates who successfully completed all the processes are qualified to join Vakıf Katılım’s family as My Talent.

We have included the digital solutions in many stages in order to continue the process online due to pandemic conditions. For instance, HR (İK) Robot developed within the body of Vakıf Katılım allowed us to evaluate the CVs prepared in different formats in the most correct way. In this direction, we have efficiently applied the artificial intelligence and designed 85% of our recruitment process digitally.”

“One-year learning and development marathon starts at My Talent”

Pointing out that they designed a 5-module training and development program which is applied as of the start date of employment of My Talents and prepared in line with the logic of development journey, Betül Yılmaz, the Deputy General Manager of Vakıf Katılım, stated that “Within the scope of one-year training and development program, various multidirectional development activities are performed such as virtual class trainings, online trainings, on-the-job trainings, evening talks with expert guests etc. I believe wholeheartedly that our talents, that we academically support as well, will realize many exciting projects in a short span of time and such unique experience will leave a significant mark on participation finance sector.”