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Vakıf Katılım was Deemed Worthy of Awards in 9 Categories in Brandon Hall Excellence Awards

31 Ağustos 2021

Vakıf Participation became the institution that received the most awards in the banking sector, by being deemed worthy of a total of 9 awards, 5 gold, 1 silver and 3 bronze, for its work in the fields of HR and Education, at the Excellence Awards organized by Brandon Hall, one of the most prestigious consultancy institutions in the world.

Breathing a whole new life to the world of participation finance, Vakıf Participation continues to crown its work in the fields of Participation, HR and Education with awards that it has received internationally. Vakıf Participation, receiving a gold award in the categories of “Best Development in Candidate Relationship Management” with “My Talent MT Program”; “Coaching and Mentoring Program” and “Best Results of Learning Program”; “Best Leader Development” and “Best Blended Learning” with “Career Development Program”; “Best Leader Development” with “Building a Foundation for Management Program” which are implemented in order to bring qualified managers to the sector, won the silver award in the category of "Best Candidate Experience" with "My Talent MT Program".

In addition, with the "Development is Always with Us Program" that it launched "Creating the Best Learning Strategy", with "Transition to Founding Management Evaluation and Development Program", "Best Original/Innovative Leadership Program", "and with Focus Performance Management System, Vakıf Participation won the bronze award in the "Best Development in Performance Management" categories.

In addition to the value it places on its employees, Vakıf Participation won these awards for its HR and Education programs that respond to needs and offer functional, innovative and measurable benefits.

Betül Yılmaz said: "The real power of an institution is the human resource it has.”

Betül Yılmaz, Deputy General Manager in Charge of Vakıf Participation Human Resources Business Family, said the following statement about the issue: “As Vakıf Participation, we believe that the real strength of an institution is the human resource it has. In line with this vision, we have been carrying out very important studies in the field of human resources and education since the day we were founded, and we are guiding the sector with our exemplary practices. With the right and innovative HR approaches, the company creates work environments where our employees will demonstrate their talents and skills, leads them to achieve their career goals, and provides important development opportunities. Because we know that this is the only way to achieve sustainable growth.”

Expressing that open communication and service orientation have an important place in Vakıf Participation's work culture and saying that they include various CRM, robotics and digitalization processes in all their human resources practices, including recruitment, Yılmaz said “As a result of our work and approaches in the fields of HR and Education, we receive very positive feedback from our employees, and we strengthen employee loyalty day by day. We are very happy that our efforts have now been crowned with 9 awards at the Excellence Awards organized by Brandon Hall, one of the most prestigious consulting institutions in the world. It is also valuable to see Vakıf Participation in the first place in the ranking of the most awarded institutions in the banking sector in Turkey in the competition. I sincerely believe that we will crown our work with many more awards."