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Significant Support from Vakıf Katılım to Aegean Enterprises!

17 Ağustos 2022

Vakıf Katılım and İklimSA signed a cooperation agreement for the financing of Rooftop SPP projects. Mr. Osman ÇELİK, General Manager of Vakıf Katılım, said, “This cooperation is the sign of importance that Vakıf Katılım pays to the environment and sustainable economy”.

Vakıf Katılım, which gives the world of participation finance a new lease of life, continues to support renewable energy investments. Within this scope, Vakıf Katılım and İklimSA, which is the leading brand of Teknosa in air conditioning sector, has cooperated for the financing of rooftop Solar Power Plant Projects. Thanks to this agreement, Vakıf Katılım will provide financing for the rooftop SPP Projects to be established by İklimSA.

“We are building the future with the inspiration that we take from history”

Stating that the cooperation made with İklimSA is the sign of importance that Vakıf Katılım pays to the environment, Mr. Osman Çelik, General Manager of Vakıf Katılım, said, “As Vakıf Katılım, we both support an environmentally-conscious and a sustainable future and also contribute to the decrease of current account deficit in energy field in cooperation with the firms making renewable energy investments. We provide “Green Finance” support to the projects in public and private sectors and act with the objective to leave a more habitable world to the future generations. We will continue our operations in line with “Sustainable Development Plan” declared by the United Nations and provide financing for environment-friendly and renewable energy investments.

By supporting the investments which will reveal the energy potential in our country, we contribute to the reduction of foreign dependency in energy field and to the use of clean energy in both households and production areas. Starting from this motivation, we make updates and developments in almost every product item to facilitate the access of SMEs to finance in green energy field, we provide end-to-end consultancy services for the investors in their energy projects and offer financial solutions to our SMEs. With its efficiency, productivity and saving-oriented products, Vakıf Katılım will continue to support renewable energy investments and develop suitable solutions for the sustainability goals of our country.

“We add value to the world thanks to sustainable solutions”

Stating that they aim to add value to the future thanks to environment-friendly and energy saving sustainable solutions, Tansu Öztorun, Assistant General Manager at Business Unit of İklimSA, said “Global warming is one of the biggest problems that our planet and humanity have encountered. While the whole world takes actions against this problem, many countries have declared to take measures against the global warming and carbon emissions within the scope of Paris Climate Agreement. In 2021, this agreement has been brought into force in 191 countries including Turkey. As one of the deep-rooted air conditioning institutions of Turkey, we generalize our solutions which will add value to the world. Thanks to our corporate and individual solutions in solar energy systems through our more than 500 dealer and service network in 67 cities, we provide services to broad spectrum of customers from agriculture sector to housing projects. With our organizational structure, end-to-end service to our customers and our ability to develop customized projects, we endeavor to do the best in SPP sector. In line with this vision, we are happy to cooperate with Vakıf Katılım, one of the most valuable firms of our country. We believe that this cooperation will make a great contribution to the acceleration of significant projects in renewable energy systems”.