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Over 140 billion TL support from Vakıf Katılım

28 Kasım 2022

As of November, Vakıf Katılım has provided financing support over 140 billion TL to its natural and legal person customers. Mr. Osman Çelik, the General Manager of Vakıf Katılım, said that: “Our asset size has reached 167 billion TL and market share in participation finance sector to 15 percent”.

Vakıf Katılım, which gives the world of participation finance a new lease of life, has continued its steady growth and increased its financing support to the individuals and real sector over 140 billion Turkish Liras, 100 billion TL of which is cash. Having increased its market share in participation sector to 15 percent, Vakıf Katılım has increased its asset size to 167 billion TL as of November and achieved 66 percent growth year-to-date.

Mr. Osman Çelik, the General Manager of Vakıf Katılım, said that: “We have continued our branching strategy in the year 2022 and we currently provide service to our customers with about 2.500 employees and 154 branches in 48 provinces. While completing our 7th year in the sector, we have been ranked 3rd institution for the strongest paid-in capital among conventional banks and participation finance institutions. With our ever-growing capital structure, we have provided financing support over 140 billion Turkish Liras, 100 billion TL of which is cash, to our natural and legal person customers in the sector. Cash financing supports that we have provided to SMEs constituted 24% of the customers and 35% of the risk”.

“We facilitate the access to financing within the scope of 4İ”

Vakıf Katılım continues its efforts in line with the objective to become top-of-mind institution of SMEs operating in the fields of Manufacturing, Employment, Export and Innovation, which we call as 4i and which forms the basis of value-added and steady economic growth. Stating that they have established many collaborations as a result of connections with all contact points of the ecosystem, Mr. Osman Çelik continued his words as follows: “We provide great convenience in access to financing opportunities for our customers, especially SMEs, which provide added-value to our country with their investments in technology field within the scope of National Technological Advance and operate in the fields of Manufacturing, Employment, Export and Innovation, which we call as 4i. Thanks to the cooperation agreements that we have signed with the Chambers of Commerce and Industry and Chambers of Merchants and Craftsmen and by means of advantageous packages that we have developed for the Organized Industrial Zones established within the scope of planned industrial advance, we have pioneered many innovations. We have realized more than 100 cooperation and solution partnerships with the strategic projects of which we laid the foundations in 2020.

We are expanding our portfolio structure by providing free consultancy services with the help of our special organizational structure that we have created with qualified investment projects, sustainable & renewable green energy and financial leasing projects.

"We have allocated 3 billion TL resource to renewable energy investments"

Mr. Osman Çelik said that: “With our cooperation works in year 2022 in renewable energy investments to reduce foreign dependency in energy, we have made 1.5 billion TL contribution to field and roof-top SPP, WPP, Biomass and Smart Cities projects in both private & public sectors and increased our volume to 3 billion TL. With 1.1 billion TL support that we have provided in financial leasing field which directly affects the production index, we increased our size to 2 billion TL.

In year 2022, we have developed financial solution partnerships with CGF and KOSGEB and offered to our SME customers. We have signed protocols with Development Agencies which improve the cooperation among the public institutions, private sector and non-governmental organizations and unearth the regional potentials. We have developed and put into use “Profit Share Supported Interest-Free Financing Model” which serves as a model for participation finance system. We have allocated minimum 10 percent of our financing support resource exceeding 5 billion TL to Public Supported Projects”.

Having shared the latest data about the GFT (Guaranteed Fund Transfer) product, which Mr. Osman Çelik continued his words as follows: “Our GFT product has been preferred by 1.150 customers in the first year and reached over 1 billion TL transaction volume.

We will continue to extend our activities in qualified project fields like SME Digital Platform, Digitalization of Payment Systems, Business Incubator, Micro Finance Products, Energy, Agriculture, Financial Leasing etc., to provide innovative packages especially for Women Entrepreneurs within the scope of Green Deal and Sustainability, to develop new projects with high added value for the welfare of the public and private sector, to achieve growth with our strong & increasing capital structure and to standby our SME customers”.