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HeRobot Shift Started at Vakıf Katılım

25 Ekim 2019

Vakıf Katılım has started to receive the fruits of its investments in technology and digitalization. With the use of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology, operational processes will be performed in less time with zero error.

Having brought together the sharing culture of foundations with public power and brought a breath of fresh air to participation finance world, Vakıf Katılım launched the Robotic Automation Process (RPA) with the vision of “Growth with Technology”. HeRobot, which came into life by the collaboration of Human Resources and Information Technologies teams, will have a great contribution to operational work force savings and decrease in costs.

Entering the sector as a digital institution which adopts and uses new generation infrastructures in a period where the world experiences revolutions and new technological transformations in the field of digitalization, Vakıf Katılım follows closely all the technological development in the sector. Thus, it integrates into its system the technologies which will facilitate the lives of its customers in line with the needs and necessities of the sector.

Stating that the “Digitalization” is one of their principal focus with the effect of being the only state bank having the title of “R&D Center”, İkram Göktaş, the General Manager of Vakıf Katılım” emphasized the importance of the Robotic Automation Process and stated that “With the use of HeRobot technology, which can complete in 2 minutes with zero error the work that can be completed by a person in 45 minutes, we will save more than 600 hours a month. Since our employees can spare their times and efforts to more qualified works, we attach great importance to this saving of time in terms of operational productivity. When all the processes are completed, the works which currently require 268 days of effort in a year will require only 200 hours.”

The robot software, which is used for “checking the accuracy of the information entered on screen during CGF allocation process” and “performing health payments for the personnel on SGK website” in the first stage, will be used in many operational processes of Vakıf Katılım in the forthcoming period.