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Agricultural Support Financing Package from Vakıf Katılım to Farmers

14 Nisan 2023

Vakıf Katılım gets ready for offering solutions with Agricultural Banking products for the financial needs of the farmers who have a say in sustainable future of our country. The Corporation intends to support the manufacturer firms in agricultural sector with its Agricultural Support Financing Package prepared for the farmers who are productive power of Turkey.

Having continued its operations with the vision of “being a reference institution in participation finance sector”, Vakıf Katılım continues to offer services which support and facilitate the financial life. Vakıf Katılım, who offers support packages in the fields of 4İ (Manufacturing, Employment, Export and Innovation) for the development and strengthening of Turkey in international competition environment, commences its Agricultural Banking works within the scope of its sustainability vision.

To increase the sustainable agricultural opportunities all over the world and to provide support to food, agricultural and livestock breeding sectors become more of an issue each passing day. Within this scope, Vakıf Katılım carries outs works and studies with the vision of “Common Past, Common Future”. It stands by the producers and farmers with Agricultural Banking products.

Osman Çelik, the General Manager of Vakıf Katılım, said that: “We are more than glad to offer Agricultural Support Financing Package within the scope of our Agricultural Banking studies. We support our farmers and our agricultural sector with this package and we provide full support for our producers which we believe will have a great share in the common future of our country with long and flexible term agricultural financing. Within the scope of sustainability works in agricultural sector, we intend to reduce irrigation and electricity costs of the firms that produce inputs and to contribute to women and youth employment as well. We will always stand by our producers and continue to add value to our country’s agricultural sector. We provide support to our producers with flexible term agricultural financing products and we further offer investment-oriented financing products such as qualified agricultural projects and agricultural machines financial lease as well as agricultural business finance”.

Ferah Card offers payment solutions suitable for harvest period,

Having offered flexible and long term payment solutions for the producers, Vakıf Katılım provides a financing opportunity with harvest period maturity for the legal person manufacturers for their agricultural expenditures, purchases of materials and raw materials. Vakıf Katılım secures their agricultural productions with Government-Supported Agricultural Insurance (TARSİM) as well as agricultural financing products containing flexible, long term and advantageous rates.