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5 Million TL Contribution from Vakıf Katılım to National Solidarity Campaign

06 Haziran 2020

Vakıf Katılım has donated 5 million TL in total to the National Solidarity Campaign which corresponds to a minimum wage on behalf of each of its employees.

In the statement made by Vakıf Katılım, it was emphasized that the most important feature of Turkish people is the “Spirit of Solidarity” exhibited in especially tough times and we would overcome the difficulties together with the same spirit.

In the same statement, it was remarked that “Not only our country but also whole world is going through hard times. Despite we experienced similar events before, we have been witnessing a totally different picture that the world faces for the first time. But, we believe that our country will overcome all the problems in unity and solidarity. The foundation culture is based on solidarity, justice and sharing; so, as Vakıf Katılım, we crusade for the call of our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and want to be a part of National Solidarity Campaign. In this scope, we donate 5 million TL in total to this campaign which corresponds to a minimum wage on behalf of each of our employees. I would like to take this occasion and wish Allah’s mercy upon those who lost their lives due to coronavirus outbreak and wish a quick recovery for those who are under treatment.”