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4 Awards to Vakıf Katılım from Best Business Awards

16 Nisan 2021

Having brought together the sharing culture of foundations with public power and brought a breath of fresh air to participation finance world, Vakıf Katılım was deemed worthy of 4 awards in different categories at the Best Business Awards, which is one of the most prestigious award programs in the UK, with its human resources projects.

Vakıf Katılım continues to be one of the leading institutions in the sector by blending employee centered human resources (HR) applications with digital transformation. The human resources applications, which were developed with the vision of becoming the most desired institution to work with in the participation finance industry, were granted awards in the categories "Best Employer", "Best HR", "Best (HR) Information Technology", and "Outstanding Support During COVID-19" in the Best Business Awards 2021. Each award-winning project won general approval of the jury in glowing colors.

Vakıf Katılım’s HR projects are references in the sector

Vakıf Katılım has increased the digitalization rate of its HR processes in year 2020 with its projects which put the digitalization in the center. These projects, which were developed with the objective to continue the professional and personal developments of the employees, to strengthen the communication between each other and to maximize their motivations, made a great contribution to winning of the awards in the categories "Best Employer", "Best HR", "Best (HR) Information Technology", and "Outstanding Support During COVID-19" in the Best Business Awards.

A brand-new communication and working process has been created by Vakıf Katılım to increase the motivation and productivity of the employees. With transformation to hybrid working model, 3/4 of the employees started to work remotely. All the assessment processes were moved to online environment with the motto of “Promotion Fits into Home/Terfi Eve Sığar” in order not to hinder the promotion and development processes of our employees and 389 employees achieved to get promotion. All the processes of My Talent program which were prepared for new generation talents were successfully managed in digital environment and 19 MTs were introduced to the sector. The performance system was reshaped with the point of view of “Focus” in a manner to consider the feedbacks from employees and to bring together their personal goals with the institution’s common goals. On the other hand, Vakıf Katılım established HR Coronavirus Coordination Team that our employees who were infected with coronavirus and their families can contact 7/24 for any and all of their requirements. In order to maximize the motivations and support the developments of the employees; tens of applications were realized from online promotion processes to academic and professional training support, from in-house social media platform to personalized applications, from special day celebrations to online events, from hobby workshops to health talks with expert dietitians etc. Having continuously strengthened internal communication, Vakıf Katılım achieved to extend Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology within the scope of HeRobot project with the participation of a robot architect from each department.

'We are climbing the stairs of success with firm steps'

Having stated to feel the right proud of being awarded in 4 categories in Best Business Awards, İkram Göktaş, the General Manager of Vakıf Katılım, said that "Even though we are one of the youngest members of our industry, we are climbing the stairs of success with firm steps. The fact that we have taken a strong stance during the pandemic period, have focused on the health of our employees, and not compromised on anything from promotion to training, from personal communication to motivation practices has rendered us even stronger. While this process, which we turned into an opportunity, has accelerated our digitalization journey, it has also allowed many of our processes to be brought to the online platforms and even enabled all our employees to be involved in it, just like the HeRobot project. It is another source of pride and joy for us to be rewarded for our work, which we have brought into existence with great sensitivity. I would like to thank all my colleagues who have put their efforts in obtaining these awards.” Mr. Göktaş further stated that they would realize reference projects and Vakıf Katılım would be mentioned most often in 2021 in both national and international arenas.