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3 Awards to Vakıf Katılım!

21 Eylül 2022
3 Awards to Vakıf Katılım! /documents/KurumsalIletisim/3odul1140x760.png

Vakıf Katılım has received 3 awards in award programs organized by Brandon Hall Group HCM Excellence Awards and Stevie Awards for Great Employers with its projects in the fields of human resources and training.

Having continued to shape its human resources and training policies with the vision of “being a reference institution in participation finance sector”, Vakıf Katılım was deemed worthy of awards in Brandon Hall Group HCM Excellence Awards and Stevie Awards for Great Employers, one of the most prestigious awards of the sector. Vakıf Katılım won awards in “Best Unique/Innovative Talent Acquisition” category with its “Geleceğe Katılım” project, a long-term internship program designed for undergraduate students; in “Best Leadership Development Program” category with its “Branch Managers of the Future Development Program” and in “Success in Coaching and Mentoring” category with its “Coaching and Mentoring Program”.

Having justified proud of winning awards in Brandon Hall Group HCM Excellence Awards and Stevie Awards for Great Employers, Vakıf Katılım’s General Manager Osman Çelik said: “Despite being one of the youngest members of our sector, we aim at being a reference institution in our sector with the products and services that we offer and our human resources and training projects as well. With correct and innovative human resources approaches, we give priority to create working environments in which our employees can demonstrate their skills & abilities. We try to lead the way and provide significant development opportunities to help them reach their career goals. The projects and programs that we carry out within this context are closely followed and appreciated by both national and international institutions and we are deemed worth of awards with our human resources & training programs”.

Mr. Çelik continued his words as follows: “It is a source of pleasure and happiness for us that the projects that we carry out with a great care are granted awards. With our “Geleceğe Katılım” program, which is an employment and social responsibility project in which we incorporate qualified university students into Vakıf Katılım’s structure, we teach participating finance sector to university students who wish to begin their careers in banking sector, create spaces for them to discover their talents and thusly offer an important career opportunity for them. On the other hand, we contribute to the development of leadership and coaching skills of our employees included in the candidate manager pool with “Branch Managers of the Future Development Program” and provide support to our employees to efficiently manage and lead themselves, their works & teams with our “Coaching and Mentoring Program”. We are glad to see that our support to our sector, employees and young people is crowned with significant awards. I congratulate all our friends who contributed and I believe that we will achieve many more successes together”.