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Sinan AKSU Sinan AKSU

Sinan AKSU

Vice Chairman of the Board

Sinan Aksu, who was born in Ankara in 1980, is originally from Erzincan. After he completed his high education in Ankara Tevfik İleri İmam Hatip High School, he graduated from the Department of History at Gazi University in 2002. He started his public sector career at the Grand National Assembly of Turkey in 2003. He served as a Deputy Advisor; as the Private Secretary at the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and at the Ministry of Family and Social Policies; as the Deputy General Manager at the Youth Services Department of the Ministry of Youth and Sports; as a Prime Minister Counsellor; as the General Manager of Directorate General of Youth Services and as the General Manager of the Higher Education Student Loans and Dormitories Institution, respectively.

While working at the Higher Education Student Loans and Dormitories Institution, Mr. Aksu also participated in youth services projects. In “1st Servant Leadership Summit” organized in 2016, he was awarded the “Servant Bureaucrat of the Year”.

Having worked as Deputy Minister at the Ministry of Youth and Sports between years 2018 and 2023, Mr. Aksu was appointed as the General Manager of Directorates General of Foundations by the Presidential Decree published on 02.02.2023.

Furthermore, at the 2016 Ordinary General Assembly of the Turkish Basketball Federation, Mr. Aksu was elected as the Member of the Supervising Board.

Mr. Aksu also serves as a Chairman of the Board of Trustees and as a Board member at several public-benefit foundations and associations. He is married and has two children.

As of 3rd of March 2023, he has been serving as the Board Member at Vakıf Katılım.

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