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Prof. Dr. Mürteza BEDİR Prof. Dr. Mürteza BEDİR

Prof. Dr. Mürteza BEDİR

Chairman of the Advisory Committee

Prof. Dr. Mürteza Bedir graduated from the Faculty of Theology at Marmara University in 1992. He completed his master’s degree in Department of Law at University of London. He completed his PhD at the University of Manchester with his thesis “Early Development of Hanafi Usul Al-Fiqh Legal Theory”. He has many studies in the fields of Islam/Hanafi Law Theory, Comparative Law, Islamic Law and Modernization, Fatwa Literature and “Foundation Law” as well. In addition to a series of books, including The Bukhara Law School: A Study in the Context of the Central Asian Foundation Law in the 10th - 13th Centuries”, “The Sacrifice Book; The Universal Message of the Prophet Mohammed: Sunnah; Fiqh, Madhhab and Sunnah: The Authority of the Prophet in the Hanafi Fiqh Theory, Prof. Dr. Mürteza Bedir also has many translations, articles, papers (academic) and encyclopedia articles. Prof. Dr. Bedir still continues to serve as a lecturer in the Faculty of Theology at İstanbul University.

Advisory Committee